Pragya Sai Lok Kalyan Nyas

Swami Pragynand Giri

Pragyapithadhiswar Jagatguru Dharmasamrat Shrimat Paramahansa Parivrajkacharya Shautriya Brahmanishtha Mahamandaleshwar

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Know about Guruji

Conferred with the title of Shrimat Paramahansa Parivrajkacharya Shautriya Brahmanishtha Mahamandaleshwar


Swamiji was born on 3rd September 1945 near the bank of the holy Narmada River in Katangi, Jabalpur, which is also known as Sanskar Dhani (the cultural capital of India) initially swami-ji us initiated by Shiridi Sai Baba in 1969 (through his astral presence in Sai Darbar, Nepierown Jabalpur), and from that time the total revolution took place in his life. It was at that moment that his spiritual journey commenced. He achieved his M.A.L.L.B and Ph.D degrees. After Raj Suya Maha Yagya he has been awarded citations PRAGYAPITHADHISHWAR JAGADGURUDHARMASAMRAT. He is also publisher of Pragya Nab and Pragya Mitra magazines. One of the oldest akhadas of the country "Avahan Akhcida" has conferred the title of Shrimat Paramahansa Parivrajkacharya Shautriya Brahmanishtha Mahamandaleshwar on 25th April 2004 at Ujjain Simhastha Mahakumbha Mela.

He is honorary member and advisor of many spiritual, cultural and educational organizations. He is former Head of the Department of Hindi, Govt. Science collage, Rani Durgawati university, Jabalpur, M.P, He has visited more than 75 countries several times and has prompted global peace, universal love, brotherhood as a globetrotting monk. He is known in most parts of world as a cultural ambassador of India. He is dedicated and devoted to National Integrity, Unity and communal Harmony based on the teachings and philosophy of Sadguru sai Baba of Shirdi. Tens of thousands have been motivated by him to give up non-vegetarian food, liquor drinking and smoking within India and abroad. Swami Pragyanand has established centers in nearly 75 countries in all the continents for spreading the message of Satya Sanatan Dharm (the most ancient universal religion of the world) and preaching spiritualism & Gayatri Mahamantra. Presently he is setting up a Multi-Purpose Project combining general education, spiritual education, temples, eye-hospital, general hospital, University in an Eco-friendly habitat township estimated at $1 biilion sponsored by many other foundation as well as the World Bank. He has already distributed tricycles, wheelchairs, hearing aids worth Rs.1.5 million to handicapped and disabled people through Pragya Dham, Katangi, Jabalpur, M.P. in many places through the Governor & the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and Vice President of India

As a Patron

He is founder/patron of many socio-religious, socio-cultural and educational organizations viz.


  • Founder Patron Vishwa Mata Gayatri Trust, Delhi
  • Founder patron Pragya Sai Lok Kalyan Nyas, Pragya Dham, Katangi, Jabalpur, M.P.
  • Founder Patron Pragya Mission International, New Delhi
  • Founder Patron Sai Pragya Dham, Saket, New Delhi
  • Founder President VISHWASANT PARAM SANGH, New Delhi
  • Chairman Swami Pragyanand Kanya Gurukul, Pragya Dham, Katangi, Jabalpur, M.P.
  • Founder Patron All India Pragya Mitra Pariwar, Jabalpur, M.P.
  • Founder Patron International Pragya Yoga Foundation, New Delhi
  • Founder Patron Pragya Mandal, Bhopal, M.P.
  • Founder President World Ayurvedic Organization -(Vishwa Ayurveda Sangh), New Delhi
  • Founder Patron Pragya Paryavaran Pratishthan, New Delhi
  • Founder Patron Pragya Mission Sansthan Trusty Sanskar Dhani, Jabalpur, M.P.
  • Founder Patron Pragya Sai Lok Kalyan Nyas, Bhopa (M.P), Lucknow (U.P), Kota (Rajasthan), Meerut (U.P).
  • Founder Patron Vishwa Mata Gayatri Samiti, Dundalod, Rajasthan
  • Founder Patron Pragya Mission Vindhyanchal, Rewa, M.P.
  • Founder Patron Swami Pragyanand Junior high School, Phool District, Rewa, M.P.
  • Patron Akhil Bharatiya Snatan Dharma Pratinidhi Sammelan, New Delhi
  • Life and Patron Member Sai Baba sansthan, Shirdi, Maharashtra
  • Patron Akhil Bhartiya Shirdi Sai bhakta Mahasabha, Kopargaon, Maharashtra
  • President Delhi Sant Mahamandal, New Delhi

Global Achievements

Achievements of His Holiness Swami Pragyanand Ji Maharaj

It is with great pleasure to know that the city council of Swamiji's birthplace, Katangi, Jabalpur, M.P. has recently unanimously passed the resolution recognizing Swamiji's tireless and selfless dedication for the upliftment of entire humanity at large. Also the city council has decided to change the name of Katangi Town to Swamiji's name "Pragya Dham" meaning 'The Home of wisdom'. (Special achievement)

He has been selected for the inclusion in the Directory of "Distinguished Leadership" ninth edition outstanding contributions to contemporary society. He has been nominated as "International man of the year" for the for the year 2OO1by the international Biographical Centre, Cambridge (U.K).

He launched the very famous "Mission Majorca" in-united Kingdom with hundreds of Non Residential Indians for the message of brotherhood. Mission Majorca has been very famous and was the Headlines of the news in Mallorca Island, Spain.